Monday, January 24, 2011

Snow White

To get you guys geared up for the awesome new fairy tale we are moving on to, here are some links that you ought to enjoy.

1. How Fairy Tales Really End


2. Pros and Cons of Fairy Tale Couples 

Snow White and Prince
HER: Leaves her loyal friends after just one kiss.
HIM: Falls in love with a dead girl. Ick.

3. Some "articles" that will hopefully make you smile (before you wince).

Dating advice from the princesses.

 4. Okay, this next article is not directly related to fairy tales but since we are studying evolving fairy tales and these new tales seem to be the new generation's "wonder tales," I think the article is very pertinent and a good read. YA and Rape Culture.

5. Check out the "Snow White" section for some pictures etc.