Monday, January 3, 2011

Seminar Approval is Mine!

Maybe if Cinderella took matters in her own hands, we'd see more of these scenes. (picture by: Eugenico Recuenco)

Okay! As the title loudly proclaims, I was just told to go ahead with the course with the revisions I had made and yes, I am quite utterly, deliriously happy. I feel like I should apologise for the loopy personality I have expressed within the words of my posts but eh. I am a bit loopy so it's not exactly a lie? Anyway, here's where I explain how this website works:

The pages:
1. Secret Scrolls: contain all information pertaining to the course. Like reading material, course syllabus, etc. Please check it for updates frequently.

2. All the other pages. As I said, I hope this website will be a shared medium where all of us can update it with items of interest we find that are relevant to the seminar and the topics we are exploring. Whether these are ads dealing with fairy tales or pictures, illustrations whatever. If it's recognizably one of the fairy tales we are studying, it doesn't matter. The main page will do. I will be updating it with stuff I find (links, pics, etc when I have time).